The Connection Between Jesus Christ, Ascension and the Blue Avians

Prem SacBe Sat Bhagat

I wrote previously about Gaia (formerly Gaiam TV), the Spiritual Netflix with tons of original programming relating to health, wellness, yoga, ascension and disclosure.

One of the recent episodes from the show Cosmic Disclosure featured some amazing information I had to write about in relation to the history of Ascension on Earth, Blue Avians in Art, and the connection with Jesus Christ.

Blue Spheres, Sphere Beings and Blue Avians Today

Blue AviansThe first thing to mention is that Sphere Beings have entered our solar system recently in a new regard to help with the transition of our planetary alignment in the cosmos, both physically and spiritually.

One of the groups in the Sphere Beings are the Blue Avians, a blue, feathered humanoid being who travel in blue spheres and bring a message of “Be more forgiving to your Self, others, live more in service to others, and raise your vibration through…

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