Reality Check – Blow Your Mind Data From NASA

Reality Check*

-Based on the Published findings in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science by a team of NASA scientists led by Dr Eruk Petigura.

Extrapolations from an article “The Fermi Paradox” on

  • For every grain of sand on Earth there are 10,000 stars in the universe. Estimated 5% of which would be sun-like (500 billion billion).
  • 22% of all Sunlike Stars in the universe have watery earth like planets orbiting them.
  • There would be 100 billion billion earth like planets in the cosmos. One billion in our galaxy alone.
  • This means that for every grain of sand on earth there are 100 earth-like planets in the universe.
  • Now let’s assume just 1% of those inhabited planets have life that’s evolved to an intelligent civilization. Like what we see on earth.
  • That means for every grain of sand on Earth there is a planet in the universe with intelligent life equivalent to ours.*
  • When we apply the same logic to the Milky Way, we have 100,000 intelligent civilizations seeded among the billion earth-like planets. Right in our Galaxy, out there waiting for us.

~And Peace be with you~

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