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CMO of Facebook Resigns – Jan 2018

Not sure if this is related to the resignations of the Cabal, but the timing is synchronistic.

I plan to help the Democratic Party on some efforts leading up to the US midterms this year through to 2020.


Testimony of How FDA Is Marketing Platform for Monsanto and GMOs (and Washington Post Plays Along)

An article in the Washington Post initially carried this headline: “The government is going to try to convince you to like GMO foods”. But it seems the GMO/agrichemical industry didn’t like the sound of that and the WP changed the previously published headline to “The Government is Going to Counter Misinformation About GMO Foods”.

New Department of Health Policy Requires Hospitals Vaccinate All Patients, No Consent or Knowledge Necessary

Since the Affordable Care Act came out, we are now — as nurses — required to ask every single patient when they come to the hospital if you’ve had your flu vaccine or your pneumococcal vaccine. If you say no to either one of those, in the computer, an order will generate that says we need to give you this vaccine. We don’t need to speak to a doctor…it’s hospital policy. It’s now health department policy that we now have to give you the vaccine