EPA Hearing on Dangerous Levels of Aluminum and Barium in Air and Water from Geoengineering “Chemtrails”

Respiratory failure has overtaken strokes as a leading cause of death. This when smoking is at an all time low and aluminum and barium are present at increasing highs and tied to such health issues.

Remember, these metals do not occur naturally in air or water, they are being put there.


Entire USA Gymnastics Board of Directors Resigns after sex abuse scandal

Unfortunate news that this happens but the clearing of the house continues

The entire USA Gymnastics board of directors will resign in the wake of a sex abuse scandal, as part of the organization’s decision Friday to comply with US Olympic Committee requirements to avoid decertification.


New Report of Hillary Clinton shielding top adviser accused of sexual harassment in 2008

Hillary Clinton chose to keep a top adviser on her 2008 presidential campaign after he was accused of repeatedly sexually harassing a younger staffer who shared an office with him, a new report says.