FBI Chief Exposes MK Ultra Programs That Murder, Use, & Traffic Children – High Level People Involved — Dec. 03, 2016

Freedom For Humanity 2016!

Never before has so much been exposed in the mainstream about those we call our ‘leaders,’ those we ‘vote’ for, and those who appear one way in front of the masses, but represent something completely different when it comes to getting things done. 2016 seems to be a landmark year for transparency in the mainstream, and…

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What to Know About GMOs 2.0

The Food Revolution Network has a great article talking about some of the new GMO foods coming to market and how the new GMO labelling laws in the US provide loopholes from many of these from being mentioned.

Please take a look through the article to inform yourself: https://foodrevolution.org/blog/food-and-health/gmos-2-0-and-the-future-of-food/

It is important that we bring as much high vibrational, fresh, organic foods into our diet.  Educate yourself and try to stay away from processed and genetically modified foods that have adverse affects on our body, minds and perceived connection to spirit.


Reality Check – Blow Your Mind Data From NASA

Reality Check*

-Based on the Published findings in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science by a team of NASA scientists led by Dr Eruk Petigura.

Extrapolations from an article “The Fermi Paradox” on WaitbutWhy.com

  • For every grain of sand on Earth there are 10,000 stars in the universe. Estimated 5% of which would be sun-like (500 billion billion).
  • 22% of all Sunlike Stars in the universe have watery earth like planets orbiting them.
  • There would be 100 billion billion earth like planets in the cosmos. One billion in our galaxy alone.
  • This means that for every grain of sand on earth there are 100 earth-like planets in the universe.
  • Now let’s assume just 1% of those inhabited planets have life that’s evolved to an intelligent civilization. Like what we see on earth.
  • That means for every grain of sand on Earth there is a planet in the universe with intelligent life equivalent to ours.*
  • When we apply the same logic to the Milky Way, we have 100,000 intelligent civilizations seeded among the billion earth-like planets. Right in our Galaxy, out there waiting for us.

~And Peace be with you~